5 Dietary Foods That Make You Gain Weight Without Knowing It

There are numerous tricks, tips and recipes to lose weight. However, many times they do not work. This is because there are dietary foods that make you gain weight without knowing it.

Diets to lose weight are a constant promise. There are numerous tricks, tips and recipes to get it and also maintain a stable weight, however, many times do not work. This is because there are dietary foods that make you gain weight without knowing it.

The foods that are always avoided eat are cookies, candies, fats or chocolates, among others, to be the culprits of the obesity of people who consume it daily. But there is another type of food categorized as “healthy” that would be helping you gain weight.

Below we show you a list of 5 dietary foods that make you gain weight without knowing it. Keep reading and find out more. 

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Weight loss diets

When it comes to losing weight, the first thing that is eliminated is fats, pastries, soft drinks and sweets in general. We leave those dishes to start a diet that includes “healthy” foods. However, many are not so healthy, since the damage they produce is almost similar to flour or sugars.

The nutritionist and chef Amelia Winslow tells us about some foods that have been considered allies to lose weight but are the opposite. They are dietary foods that make you gain weight.

5 Dietary foods that make you gain weight

1.Dietary drinks

Researchers believe that when we eat or drink something sweet our bodies expect calories. But when calories are not present, our bodies react by making the metabolism slower, respond less to insulin and gain weight.

What to choose instead? The most advisable is to drink natural water, iced tea without sugar, water with lemon or infusions that are to our liking.

2.Low-fat foods

When people buy a low-fat product, they usually consume 30% more of that food. Whose consequence is not favorable, since in the end it ends up eating more?

For this reason, it is advisable to eat small portions of healthy food without it being low in fat. The important thing is control and ration food well.

3.Flavored yogurt

Many think that yogurt helps in digestion by including healthy bacteria, and while this is true, the best option will always be natural yogurt. Flavored yogurts are usually sweetened with excess sugar and corn syrup. A good alternative is to add fresh fruit to yogurt.

4.Packaged fruits

When putting the food in closed containers it does not favor that they macerate in their own juice. The companies add corn syrup with high fructose content, in order to flavor it and preserve it. A good option will always be to consume fresh and seasonal fruit.

5.Sports drinks

Most prominent athletes consume these drinks and people get the feeling that they are healthy. However, you are only drinking sugar and water, which increases the calories.

These drinks are recommended for the practice of physical exercise in order to replace the sugar lost during training. However, outside of this plane they may not be so favorable.

Without a doubt, these are clear examples of dietetic foods that make you gain weight. To achieve your goal, we give you some small tips on what to keep in mind when making a diet to lose weight.

Tips to keep in mind to make a diet to lose weight

  • The ‘fat burners’ do not exist. All products, foods and supplements are only “adjuvants” in a low-calorie diet. This means that they can only help the diet to be effective as long as it is well designed and personalized.
  • Yes to carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are essential for the body, even if you are following a diet. It is advisable to choose whole grain or whole grain varieties to provide more fiber and nutrients to the diet.
  • Fat? Yes, but of quality. Although in its proper measure, fats are necessary. Therefore, choose olive oil to dress salad and to prepare your dishes. Dieting does not mean giving up the taste. In addition, they will provide omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.
  • Dinner is not an enemy. As with breakfast, you also have to finish the day doing things well. Dining is important because while you are sleeping the body will be an average of eight hours without ingesting anything and yet you will need to be provided with enough energy to keep working.

In conclusion

Remember that not everything is eating fewer calories, it is also important to burn the energy that is eaten. No need to sign up for the gym or try to be a professional athlete. It is enough to walk, climb stairs, make excursions to the mountain or stroll along the beach, for example.

What is clear is that the sofa does not help to lose weight. The body is designed to move and in this way you can eat a little more while on a diet.


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