6 Benefits of Breakfast before Exercise You Should Take into Account!

Breakfast before exercise, can have many benefits for people who routinely have a series of exercises to keep fit. Many people are discussing whether it is good to have breakfast before or after exercise. It is a very long debate and may not reach the end. But for those who are curious, there is a summary of the benefits of having breakfast before exercising. Therefore, you will have to think about the best option to apply before doing your regular exercise in the morning. Of course, not everyone will agree with this thought. However, there are still some benefits that can be obtained through breakfast. Also, remember that each person has their own metabolism. Therefore, what is appropriate for some people may not be for other people. It is best to identify your metabolism system. What is the best job for your body? By trial and error, you can find the best solutions and benefits. Therefore, never stop to explore some methods that can bring a healthier path for you.

 6 Benefits of breakfast before exercise you should take into account: Below are some of the benefits of having breakfast before exercising:

1. Increase the Energy Level:

Having some breakfast before starting the exercise will help increase the energy level. Therefore, you can optimize your exercise to the desired time. Since there is no effect of nausea or dizziness or any other weakness due to lack of energy. Having some carbohydrates before exercising will automatically increase the energy level of your entire body. Therefore, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates to start the exercise will be excellent for the body. It is always difficult to start the exercise. But by providing enough energy, I wouldn’t find any problem to finish the exercise.

2. Source of Protein:

Eating some meat will be a good source of protein. During exercise, proteins are needed to build muscle. Therefore, it will help reduce body fat and add muscle mass in your body. By achieving this method, your body will avoid obesity and will result in an adequate form. Not to mention that there are other health benefits of red meat. Be sure to consume pure meat, not fatty meat. Since pure meat contains more protein. Fatty meat only contains calories, but no protein. Therefore, be sure to select the meat consumed

3. Concentration Aid:

Breakfast will help the brain to focus more on what we are doing. Since breakfast will supply enough energy to the brain. Therefore, another benefit of consuming some food before starting the exercise is that the brain nerve will stimulate optimally and work to be more focused.

“By focusing on the exercise, you can focus on the goal of this activity. You can focus on the area you want to optimize, such as the leg or abdomen”.

4. Oxygen Supply:

A sufficient supply of food means a sufficient supply of oxygen. Since the food will stimulate the digestive to process the food in an energy. Therefore, the body’s blood circulation can also be optimized. When blood circulation is optimized, it means that the oxygen supply is also optimized. Therefore, the level of oxygen in the nerve can be maintained. And exercise can be more beneficial for the muscle.

5. Increase Metabolism:

Breakfast means improving the body’s metabolism system. At breakfast, the metabolism may increase. Since the body will work optimally to transform food into the energy needed during exercise. Therefore, the process of burning calories can be maximum. In addition, it will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body.

6. Avoid Hypoglycemia:

Food will bring energy to the body to do activities. Therefore, it will help avoid hypoglycemia. A condition in which the level of blood sugar is reduced. Since if you skip breakfast, the energy level for exercise will be taken from your blood sugar level. When the sugar in the bloodstream falls, your body will experience dizziness, nausea and could cause serious illness. These are the same health benefits as ocotea essential oil.

Recommended Breakfast Menu:

Not all meals are suitable for breakfast. Therefore, choose the appropriate food to get the most benefit from breakfast before exercising. Below is an appropriate breakfast menu:

1. Porridge:

Eating porridge for breakfast is common in Asian countries. This breakfast is easy to serve and does not contain too many calories. But enough to give you the necessary energy in the morning. Not to mention the other benefits of brown rice for the body. Providing chicken oatmeal with some brown rice is quite easy. Boil some rice and chicken chops in a pan. Wait until the water is absorbed and the food softens. After several minutes, a serving of chicken oatmeal will be ready to serve.

2. Cereal:

The easiest way to prepare a breakfast is to have a bowl of cereal. Add some milk, as there are some health benefits of milk curd for the body and also for bones and teeth. Be sure to add low-fat milk, so you don’t have a risk of diabetes. You can also add some fruits to give it more flavor. Like apple, strawberry or grapefruit.

3. Sandwich:

Another simple breakfast before exercise is a meat sandwich. Take two slices of bread, one of cheese, one of beef salami and some vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. Put it all together with some sauces and then your meat sandwich will be ready to eat. Not only is it very easy to serve, but it also provides enough energy, protein and vitamins for body development.

Side Effects of Breakfast Before Exercise:

Not only the benefits, but also having breakfast before exercising also have some side effects. Therefore, be careful with the side effects. It is included under the items:

Eating too many meals during breakfast can cause a stomachache. Therefore, eat the necessary portion to avoid disease. Try to consume whey as there are benefits of drinking whey fasting. Eating breakfast before exercising will result in fewer calories burned. Since the calories burned focus on the calories of breakfast, rather than the calories of the body. Therefore, you are not optimizing calorie reduction.


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