What Type of Diet is to Be Followed for those Who fight against anorexia?



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en it comes to thinking about food for a person with anorexia, we must be retailers. For example, in addition to including healthy and balanced foods, the presentation is very important, since it is essential that the dish is attractive to the eye. Anorexia is an eating disorder that physically and emotionally affects the sufferer and completely modifies their relationship with food. Those who live with anorexia can stop eating until they reach high levels of malnutrition that lead to problems of growth or development. How to plan the diet of those who fight anorexia? The physiological causes that lead a person to suffer from this disease are not yet discovered; nevertheless, it is known that psychological causes are very varied.

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With regard to diet, those who suffer from this serious disorder should return to the consumption of food contemplating the rules that we will expose in the course of this article. Of course, the consultation with the treating professional is mandatory before deciding any modification in the indicated diet.

A Light Diet, the First Requirement

In the most advanced cases of anorexia, there is total cancellation of food intake. If this is the case of the person who worries you or of yourself, remember that it is necessary to start with small amounts of food.

“The first thing that should be included in the diet is fruits, vegetables and nuts”. 

On the contrary, it is not recommended to include commercial dressings or sauces, since the stomach of the anorexic patient is not prepared to receive and process this type of products. On the other hand, the rations should not be too big. In fact, it is preferable to make five or six light meals to two or three that cause discomfort to the patient.

The Balance in What You Eat is a Priority

It is important to include as many foods and nutrients as possible to combat anorexia. Those who suffer the most advanced degrees of this disorder can intersperse the type of fruits, vegetables and nuts that they eat. In this way, they will have a greater contribution of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, people who tolerate a greater diversity of foods should begin to eat different varieties of protein, whole grains and healthy fats. It is advisable to add one type of food at a time, as opposed to how these individuals used to eliminate food from their diet. Also, it is essential that you go to the doctor to be told the type of multivitamins they require.

Attractive Foods in the Diet of those who Combat Anorexia

Anorexia is based on negative ideas about food. Therefore, this effect can be counteracted with dishes presented in an attractive way. Of course, this presentation is not enough by itself; it must be accompanied by flavors that are pleasing to the patient. It is preferable to put great care in preparing a pleasing food to the eye that insists the person to eat it without further ado. One method that works well is to prepare small portions of food that were pleasing to the patient and leave them ready for consumption at any time. With this, it is the individual who resumes the normal diet in a rhythm that adapts to what his body tolerates. What ingredients can help us meet these demands? The rice, fish, chicken, vegetables -How more colors are included, better- and eggs are excellent alternatives to combine. With time and the doctor’s recommendations, you can move toward more compound foods.

Combat Anorexia, a Challenge

Those who are battling anorexia should learn to do it slowly and striving every day to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are going through or know someone who is living this stage, you must be aware that it will take a lot of dedication and support from their environment. In this sense, it is important that a dietitian and the psychologist supervise the diet. The dietitian will help you choose foods that are more balanced and appropriate for your needs. Meanwhile, the psychologist will help the patient learn to fight against their feelings or mistaken beliefs.

Finally, one should always consider that false expectations around appearance, beauty models imposed by big brands and other psychological imbalances can trigger this disorder. The consequences can be fatal, so prompt assistance is essential.


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