How to Overcome Cravings that Occurs While Following a Diet?


To overcome the cravings when we are on a diet, it is convenient that we have healthy foods at home that help us to calm the urgent need to consume less indicated ingredients. One of the biggest difficulties when it comes to dieting is overcoming cravings for certain products. For this, we can resort to certain tips to quickly repress a punctual whim, to go little by little changing our habits of consumption. We show you some methods on how to overcome cravings in the middle of the diet.

How to Overcome Cravings Quickly

Given a specific whim, we can follow any of these tips to suppress the desire to take some unhealthy food.

1. Eat a Chewing Gum

Having a chewing gum handy can be of great help in the face of a specific whim. Chewing gum will help fool our mind to make you feel satisfied, especially if we have a craving for a product with sugar. In this case, it is most advisable to consume a gum without sugar, to limit ourselves to keep our mouths occupied. On the other hand, it will be better not to resort to menthol pills to suppress cravings, since they tend to have high sugar content and would be counterproductive.

2. Brush Your Teeth

Given a specific whim, brushing your teeth can be a good solution. The taste of toothpaste, and the aftertaste it leaves in our mouths, does not go well with most foods.

“Brushing will allow us to lose the desire to eat, at least, momentarily”.

On the other hand, brushing our teeth will also help us to deceive our mind to obtain a certain feeling of being satisfied.

3. Drink Water Frequently

Many cravings are based on our body’s need to drink water. In the face of cravings, drinking water can be a good way to make us feel fuller, with the added benefit of hydrating and activating our metabolism. Other options may be adding a few drops of lemon to the water to add a little flavor and make the trick more effective. The taste will make the intake feel more real, and our sudden appetite will be further reduced. Also, the infusions and teas will also help us in this regard.

4. Use Candles with Food Aromas

The use of candles with aromas of vanilla, green apple or banana is very useful to overcome specific cravings. Lighting a candle and enjoying its aroma will reduce our level of stress, which is a common source of cravings. In this way, we can reduce appetite and overcome certain cravings more easily. We can also use lotions, lip balms or any other product with food aromas.

5. Give Yourself Certain Tastes

Cravings are not always a bad thing. There are times when a craving means a real need on the part of our body to take some food. It may not be an essential need in most cases, but nothing happens if you give in to some whim. Fulfilling a craving, for example, once or twice a week can be a way to reward us for having followed the diet correctly for the rest of the days. In addition, a small concession to certain cravings can prevent us from eating later in greater measure and with less control. A good method can be to combine these foods that form the craving with other healthier ones. For example, before a chocolate craving, just sprinkle some chips in a bowl with strawberries, instead of eating a piece of a tablet directly. Restrict cravings sharply can lead to an obsession with some foods, even compulsive eating later. When dealing with certain cravings, it is best to have a certain left hand and keep the situation under control.

About Addiction to Tobacco or Alcohol

In the case of also dealing with an addiction to alcohol or tobacco, this advice can be harmful. The especially addictive nature of alcohol and tobacco can make it possible to give in to the craving, even if minimally, suppose an intensification of cravings. With these tips you can face and suppress certain cravings, especially at the beginning of any diet. This will make it easier to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, gradually leaving less healthy foods aside. These less healthy foods are, in general, the ones that produce the most pleasure, and the protagonists of all cravings.

Therefore, trying to fight against them will be difficult at first, but it will allow us to achieve better results from any diet.


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