The Ultimate Guide To Relieving Back Pain If You Train With Weights

One in three people have suffered or will suffer at some point in their life the back pain, including athletes and users of fitness rooms.

Although it is difficult to really find the reason that makes this pathology appear, if there are mechanisms that can help you to alleviate the discomfort and even eliminate them. Therefore, he knows how weightlifting affects low back pain, its causes and how to fight it to put aside this uncomfortable pathology.

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What are the causes of low back pain?

Many of the times this pathology occurs, the specific causes that caused it cannot be determined. This is one thing that really baffles the researchers, but the truth is that lumbar pain goes from being unpredictable to unlocalizable.

Most of the time we can find answers by investigating the core area, looking for imbalances between the musculature or analyzing the health of the spine, but you cannot diagnose with certainty the possible cause that generates it. However, the truth is that if you have found possible common causes associated with low back pain:

  1. Have a slipped disc or a pinched nerve
  2. Imbalance in the alignment of the hip.
  3. Weakness of the core.
  4. Poor postural hygiene

But in many cases, this pain appears without being preceded by any of these five causes, so there is no doubt that low back pain is difficult to predict.

Relationship of squats and deadlifts with low back pain

These two movements have become the scapegoats for back pain. The idea that these exercises are the real culprits of this pathology has commonly been transmitted, but the defenders of this idea are not exactly right.

Different studies have shown that the force exerted on the spine in squats, even heavy, is within the healthy limits that this structure can support. Therefore, a squat or a deadlift with a correct technique and a weight adjusted to each person, rather than weakening the lower back, what it does is strengthen the entire musculature of the lower back.

The problem arises when the exercise is executed with a bad technique or an excess of weight, since there the applied stimulus is not the one that should and can cause more harm than benefit to our back.

Finally, the rest time between training sessions is also very important, because if we go to train and perform lifting without having allowed recovering what is necessary, the lumbar will be fatigued and it will be much easier to damage it.

How to strengthen your lower back with weight training

Unlike what you think, lifting weights will improve the health of your back. Most believe that these uprisings produce wear between the vertebral discs and that the training condemns you to suffer from back pain and injuries, but nothing is further from reality.

It has been shown that in about 1000 hours of training lifting weights, the injury rate is 1. If we compare these figures with sports that people commonly practice and think they are safer, as is the case with soccer, the rate of injury oscillates between 6 and 260, we realize that really weight training is a form of injury prevention.

Weight training tones the muscles and protects the joints, so if you usually suffer from back pain, we advise you to put yourself in the hands of a sports professional and start training. In addition, the training will not only give you toning, you will also benefit from a better body posture and a range of movement of the joints that will keep you away from pain and injury.

Relationship of sitting for a long time with lower back pain

Do the test and, the moment you notice discomfort in the lumbar, stay a while sitting: I’m sure the pain gets worse, right?

Sitting down is one of the worst things you can do in these cases. The stress maintained in the area of ​​the lower back causes more tension and discomfort than any training. The problem is that most people spend almost a third of the day sitting down, then go to the gym for an hour and notice the back pain and blame it at that time of training, when it is possible that the problem was already brought home or office.

So what can you do? If you cannot work without sitting, what I advise is that every hour or two hours you get up, and take a couple of minutes to stretch your back , this will relieve your muscles and relax tension.

Relationship of postural habits with back pain

If sitting is bad for your back, maintaining a bad posture in the chair can be criminal for your spine.

Today, most actions in our daily life are full of bad postures. Look at the mobile is a bad posture; carry the backpack tabién, even sitting on the couch watching your favorite series is bad posture. Therefore, most of the life we ​​spend with bad postures.

These bad vices cause damage to our vertebral structure that translates into uncomfortable and permanent pain. Therefore, if you want to fix the pain, take care of your postural hygiene.

3 steps to relieve lower back pain if you train with weights

1.Adapt your training

Many studies show that staying active during low back pain improves recovery, so not training cannot be your first choice.

Most of the times we have lower back pain, it shows up latent in some exercises or movements. Therefore, those days, limits the work in them. It is better to stop doing what causes you discomfort, and focus on exercises where you do not feel the pain.

2.Improve the mobility of your whole body

A correct mobility in the joints is essential to prevent the pain of the same. If in the hip, ankle or knee we do not have enough mobility to carry out the appropriate movement, each time we perform the exercise we will compromise the joint, so it will end up giving way.

To improve mobility or ROM, we must carry out mobility protocols at the end of training sessions. Ask your coach what you can do to improve in this aspect since you will notice enormous improvements in your muscular pathologies.

3.Strengthens the core

A stronger core will protect your spine and lumbar area, so a good remedy to fight with these uncomfortable pains is the work of the core. In this case, a good option would be to attend a Pilate’s class.

This type of training focuses on the central area of ​​the body so it is great if we want to prevent back pain.

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